05 Jun 2024
09:00  - 17:00

Online via Zoom



Managing energy and emotions in your PhD – for more productivity & less stress (Part II)

Workshop with Daniel Kunzelmann and Christine Thiel

Why are emotions relevant for a successful Ph.D. thesis?

In this workshop, participants will be guided along a stress model that creates awareness for the potential stumbling blocks that come with undetected emotions: Procrastination, imposter syndrome or other self-sabotaging behaviors.

In a three-step-process, participants come to identify their individual stressors, explore their emotional response and their physiological reaction to them, and understand the connection with unhelpful behaviors. They will then be provided with tools to transform their stressors, manage unhelpful emotions and calm the physiological reaction, so that self-sabotaging behaviors become obsolete.

This more conscious emotional management will greatly increase productivity and overall wellbeing and thus leads to better results with their Ph.D. thesis.

Please sign up by sending an Email to j.buechele@clutterunibas.ch until March 25th 2024.

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