The political economy of labor migration in the agricultural sector in Europe

I am interested in the organization of labor in the agricultural sector in Europe. I am analysing how power relations have played out in the history and in current developments in the context of agriculture. Currently, restriction processes on migration and the need for low-wage workers in agriculture are accompanied by the extension of the recruitment structures of the workforce. While we are thus facing transnational labour and care chains and seemingly endless processes of primitive accumulation, agricultural space is diminished. I am furthermore seeking for decolonial perspectives for social and agricultural reproduction.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andrea Maihofer

Co-Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Patricia Purtschert und Prof. Dr. Katrin Meyer


Tina Bopp received her MA in Sociology and Gender Studies in 2015 and is a member of the Graduate Program in Gender Studies and the Graduate School of Social Sciences at the University of Basel. Her main research areas and interests are located within the fields of decolonial and postsoviet studies, critical border studies, feminist epistemology, economies of exploitation, politics of resistance and practices of collective selfcare.


Tina Bopp
Gender Studies 
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