How Transport Infrastructure shapes Territory in Contemporary Africa

The PhD investigates the contemporary development of transport infrastructure schemes throughout Africa and their impacts on geopolitics, settlements and rural development. This research is part of the project “Territorial Design: How Infrastructure Shaped Territory in Africa” funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Supervisor:Kenny Cupers

Co-Supervisor: to be determined


Thomas Betschart is a Ph.D candidate and research assistant at the Urban Studies department at the University of Basel. Thomas holds a master’s degree in geography, modern history and English literature from the Albert- Ludwigs University of Freiburg, as well as a teaching-degree from the FHNW, Basel. Prior to joining the University of Basel, Thomas has worked as a scientific researcher for the Swiss Federal Department of Environment in Berne (BAFU). He has furthermore worked for academic teacher training programmes at FHNW and co-founded a start-up company that develops web-based education systems.

Portrait Thomas Betschart G3S 2018

Thomas Betschart
Urban Studies
Spalenvorstadt 2
4051 Basel