14 Sep 2023
09:00  - 17:00

University of Basel, Rheinsprung 21, 4051 Basel, Room 00.004

Members of G3S

Veranstaltungen, Öffentliche Veranstaltung, Workshop

New Knowledge in the Making: Application of Transdisciplinary Methods

Workshop organized by members of the G3S

The discussion about the relationship between science and society has intensified, and their relationship has come under increasing scrutiny. Different forms of knowledge - emerging, not detached from everyday life - are needed, that much is clear. This asks two particular things from us as researchers. First, we need to re-evaluate the relationships involved in our research. Second, we need to find ways to open up our research and make it useful to the wider public. These are not easy tasks. They require us to reflect and revise our roles as researchers in our daily work. How can our research designs translate our commitment to new knowledge(s) into practice? How, if at all, can we render knowledge co-production truly collaborative?

Together with Prof. Dr. Johanna Jacobi (ETH Zürich) and Dr. Sybille Studer (tdnet) we will apply transdisciplinary methods to your research. They should enable you to reflect on how to build research partnerships, when to involve whom and how to think about outcome and impact of your research.

Dr. Sybille Studer is Project Leader „Methods“ at the Network for Transdisciplinary Research (td-net) of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. As part of the SHAPE-ID project team she contributed to the development of shapeidtoolkit.eu. She is also the co-initiator of the ITD Alliance Working Group on Toolkits and Methods.

Prof. Dr. Johanna Jacobi is Assistant Professor for Agroecological Transitions at ETH Zürich. Experienced in applied transdisciplinary research, she focuses on agroecology as a transformative science, a practice, and a social movement, as well as on power relations in food systems with approaches and methods from political ecology.

When? 14. September 2023, 09:00 - 17:00
Where? 4051 Basel, Rheinsprung 21, Room 00.004
Who? PhD, Post-Doc and advanced MA (Max. 17)

General Information:
- Bring your own research project! You need to be able to
work on a project during the workshop
- Coffee and lunch included
- Discussed methods: Power Interest Matrix, FDSA,
Chain of Effects

Register until 21. August by sending a short statement about your interest in the workshop and the project you are working on to nadine.bruehwiler@clutterunibas.ch

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