16 Mai 2022
09:00  - 12:00

Online via zoom

G3S, Dr. Julia Büchele

Kolloquium / Seminar, Workshop

Writing 9-12 with Julia

Join us each Monday for a collective start of the week. We will write together, each on his/her own thesis or work-in-progress for an article.

How it works: We all meet on zoom at 9am via the link below. I announce the beginning of the writing times (25 minutes long) and breaks (5 minutes) and everybody is working on their own projects, whatever you wish to work on. We have one, slightly longer 15 minutes break in between. Microphones and cameras can be switched off, so we don’t distract each other. But it’s nice to have a little chat during the breaks. We usually end at 12.15pm.

In case you have never worked with zoom, don’t worry. It is easy and self-explanatory. You just need to click on the link.

This cycle of "Writing 9-12" starts February 21st 2022 and is continued each Monday (some weeks even on Tuesdays) during the whole semester. No registration for the the events is needed  - just follow the link to the meeting-space below.

Even though each person works alone, the collective space and structured time helps a lot to stay focused and get work done. Come and check it out!

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