28 Sep 2021
15:00  - 17:00


G3S, Dr. Julia Büchele

Kolloquium / Seminar, Workshop

Applied Data Analysis

Bi-weekly meeting to support peer-exchange about data analysis

This bi-weekly meeting supports peer-exchange about data analysis. Each meeting, one person shares a short excerpt from his/her data (transcribed interview, video, contracts, archive material etc.). We then exchange ideas about how the data could be analyzed, what questions come up when looking at the data, what ideas we have etc. We will not share any data beforehand, no preparation is necessary.

First meeting: Tuesday, September 28th 2021 3-5pm (from then on every other week).

If you wish to join this group, please contact: j.buechele@unibas.ch

For now, the group is in German. If you wish to start a group in English, let us know.

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