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Recognition of Dr. Emilio Distretti at the Venice Biennale


Dr. Emilio Distretti, Postdoctoral Fellow in History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism and lecturer in the Critical Urbanisms MA program, received an important recognition at the Venice Biennale. The installation “The Entity of Decolonization – Borgo Rizza” by Architectural Studio DAAR – Decolonizing Architecture Art Research was awarded the Golden Lion for Best Participants for the International Exhibition. “The Entity of Decolonization – Borgo Rizza” explores the possibility of critical and decolonial reuse and subversion of fascist colonial architecture through spatial practices and public art. Emilio Distretti contributed to the realization of the project with research, writing and pedagogy. For two consecutive years, our students from the University of Basel have joined the school and engaged in many activities. We congratulate him and our students for this important contribution.