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Lecture: Climate Justice


While the climate crisis is planetary in scale, it is obvious that its effects impact life on earth extremely unequally, with the largely ‘developed’ economies in the global North causing the bulk of climatogenic emissions, while the effects of climate change are, so far, more harshly felt in the global South. This lecture series organized jointly by the Graduate School of Social Sciences and Urban Studies at the University of Basel and the Chair for the History of the Anthropocene at the University of Zurich aims to promote a conversation across disciplines to bring together students, faculty, and practitioners/activists to think through the thorny epistemological, ethical, and analytical challenges of social science research on the Anthropocene, and how a focused conversation on the interface of climate and capitalism studies approach might help tackle issues. Speakers will reflect upon how a justice-centered approach can be fruitfully integrated into research design and practice, analysis, and knowledge transfer beyond academic audiences.