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CfP: Radical Listening: Human-Centered Approaches To African Arts


The Arts Council of the African Studies Association invites proposals for panels and roundtables before December 1, 2023. A call for individual papers for open panels and participation in open roundtables will follow on January 5, 2024.

Recently the field of African arts has shifted from object-centered approaches to ones that are human-, community-, and artist-centered. Who is speaking? How can we listen to each other and invite more diverse and globally-entangled voices? Some strategies for human-centered approaches include collaboration, wellness, healing, pluralities of knowledge, the sustaining and building of relationships, fostering new generations, thinking generously and inclusively and active listening in lieu of, or in addition to, object-centered approaches. We particularly invite panels that consider negotiating plurality of perspective and positionality, and diversifying forms of expertise and knowledge production.