07 Oct 2021 - 26 Oct 2021
16:00  - 19:30

Online via zoom

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Kolloquium / Seminar, Workshop

Meet our PRIMA and ECCELLENZA leaders at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Two days program to meet the leaders of these prestigious projects on fascinating topics

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has currently six PRIMA and ECCELLENZA project leaders. These represent prestigious grants and projects on fascinating topics. The meeting with the leaders is an event (articulated in two evenings) which aims at presenting their projects to all members of the Faculty (Part I of the program) as well as to encourage doctoral students and post-docs to engage in a dialogue with the team leaders taken as role models, in order to exchange ideas about what a successful career is nowadays, around different issues such as mobility, specialization, publications, funding instruments, etc. (Part II). This double objective grounds the organization of a program in two parts each of the two days:

Part I: The PRIMA and ECCELLENZA scientific projects (Presentations)
Part II: The PRIMA and ECCELLENZA team leaders` views on career-making in the academia (Discussions)

For the full program, please find the complete PDF in the link below.

These events will take place via zoom.

Contact information about the program and zoom-links: sandrine.mayoraz@unibas.ch

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