Faculty Members of G3S

This list contains all faculty members eligible to serve as dissertation supervisors of G3S. Also listed are their primary research fields, disciplines, as well as links to their websites.


Prof. Dr. Bilgin Ayata (Political Sociology)

Social Movements
Politics of Remembrance
Near East (Turkey; Kurdish Regions)


Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bailer (Political Science; Global Governance)

International Relations
Comparative Study of Decisionmaking
European Parliamentarism


Prof. Dr. Manfred Max Bergman (Sociology: Social Research and Methodology)

Society and Business
Corporate Social Responsibilty


Prof. Dr. Paul Burger (Sustainability Research)

Theoretical foundations for sustainability
Values and evaluation (especially within sustainability issues)
Ontology of systems
Social theories and sustainability
Epistemology and methodology of future studies and of inter- & transdisciplinary research

Prof. Kenny Cupers, Ph.D. (History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism)

Participatory Planning
Spatial Politics
Histories of Colonialism


Prof. Dr. Till Förster (Anthropology)

Africa South of the Sahara
Political transformations, governance, state and statehood
Visual culture and art
General anthropology
Phenomenological epistemology and methodology
Political anthropology
Urban anthropology


Prof. Dr. Laurent Goetschel (Political Science) 

Foreign policy analysis
European integration
Peace and conflict research


Prof. Dr. Walter Leimgruber (Cultural Anthropology)

Social mechanisms of integration and exclusion
Culture theory and cultural politics
Visual anthropology
Material culture and museology


Prof. Dr. Elisio Macamo (African Studies, Sociology)

Sociology of religion, technology, knowledge, politics and risk
Technological artefacts in urban settings
Youth in Africa
Political culture and authority
South-South development cooperation (Africa, Latin America and Asia)


Prof. Dr. Ueli Mäder (Sociology)

Sociology of development
Political sociology
Social policy
Social inequality (wealth/poverty, integration/exclusion)
Conflict research (violence, modern warfare)
Biography research


Prof. Dr. Andrea Maihofer (Gender Studies/ Sociology)

Wandel und Persistenz von Geschlecht und Geschlechterverhältnissen
Familienforschung, Veränderung der Geschlechterarrangements in der Familie
Moral-, Rechts- und Verfassungstheorie
Gesellschaftstheorie und Geschlechterforschung


Prof. Dr. Nataša Miškovic (Near and Middle Eastern Studies)

History of Southeastern Europe, 19th and 20th centuries
Nationalism, socialism, communism
Decolonization and the Cold War in Asia and the Middle East
Life world
Visual history


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mohn (Science of Religion)

European religious history
Buddhism in the West
Scientification of religion
Religion in comics, bandes dessinées, graphic novels
Theories of myth, time, history
Theory and method of religious study
Aisthetics of religion


Prof. Dr. Brigit Obrist (Anthropology)

Engaged anthropology
Health and illness
Gender and generation
Urban anthropology
Oceania, East Africa
Qualitative research methodology

Prof. Sophie Oldfield, Ph.D. (University of Basel—University of Cape Town Professor of Urban Studies)

African cities
urban theory
urban governance
urban politics
social movements
collaborative methodologies


Prof. Dr. Axel Paul (Sociology)

Economic sociology, esp. money and gift
Political sociology, esp. violence and statehood
Social and political thought


Prof. Dr. Jacques Picard (Cultural Anthropology)

Jewish history and culture
Migration studies
Minorities and cultural pluralism
Traditions and cultural identities in global time and space
Transformation in European and Northern American societies
Discourses of the perception of Self and Other


Prof. Dr. Maurus Reinkowski (Near and Middle Eastern Studies)

Modern History of the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean
Minority regimes
Islam in Southeastern Europe
Phenomena of religious limininality (conversion, crypto-religious groups, syncretism)


PD (lecturer) Dr. Peter Streckeisen (Sociology)

Social theory
Comparative analysis of the welfare state
Sociology of power
Neoliberalism and economic imperialism
Sociology of intellectual and scientific communities
Political sociology
Sociology of development and postcolonial studies


PD (lecturer) Dr. Eberhard Wolff (Cultural Anthropology)

Cultural anthropology of health and the body
Cultural anthropology of modern mass media


Prof. Dr. Renate Würsch (Near and Middle Eastern Studies)

Philosophy in the Islamic world
Arabic rhetoric
Persian literature
Comparative cultural analysis of literary motifs