Peter Oderinde

Transnational Migrants’ Christianity: A study of Nigerian Pentecostal churches and their mission in Switzerland

The growth of the African Pentecostal movement in Europe has been driven by the increase of African Pentecostal churches. Theologians have described this phenomenon as an example of reverse mission. Historically, missionary activities have involved a movement from the global North to the South. Exemplified by various Nigerian Pentecostal denominations, today’s African Pentecostalism seeks to re-Christianize Europe.
This research project seeks to inquire into the mechanisms and strategies for accomplishing this mission adopted by the Nigerian transnational Pentecostal churches, using Switzerland as a case study. The research also intends to survey the effects of the World Wide Web on reverse mission. For the purpose of fieldwork, two Nigerian Pentecostal churches situated in Zürich, Omega Fire Ministries International and Mountain of Fire and Miracles, have been selected for a comparative study.

Supervisor: Elisio Macamo

Co-Supervisor: Andreas Heuser



Oderinde Peter Ayoola is a PhD-student at the Center for African Studies, University of Basel. He completed his MA in 2015 in African Studies with a focus on history and social anthropology. In the same year, as an intern at the United Nations/Maastricht, Oderinde participated in a project to understand the determinants and experiences of irregular migration to Europe. The project offers a comparative analysis of the situation of irregular migrant in three countries in Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Oderinde Peter Ayoola’s research interests are the area of migration, religion, social anthropology and history.