Albert Tibaijuka

Multinational Corporations and Community Communication in Africa

The presence of Multinational Mining Corporations (MNMCs) in the communities of the so called developing countries such as Tanzania is met by a rapidly growing body of research from scholars in different academic disciplines. Public relations researchers are among the interested who follow the underlying relationship between the corporations and local communities. As it is widely observed that the arrival of MNMCs in these communities has been generally opposed and sometimes causing violent conflicts, the question of relationship between the two sides begs a closer scrutiny. At a state where MNMCs are increasingly recognizing local communities as their stakeholders hence attempting to reach them through corporate social responsibility programs as well as dialogues meant to gain mutual understanding and cooperation, the study on the forms and processes of these dialogues draws attention of public relations scholars.
Despite the purported essential role of dialogues in dealing with the troubled relationship between MNCMs and local communities, little is known about the forms and processes of the said dialogues given the power differences and multiple interests of the community members and of the corporations. By applying a case study approach, social capital theory and in depth interviews, this thesis strives to deliver a deeper understanding of stakeholder dialogue (beyond the traditional discursive approach) based on the socio-economic dynamics evolving in the course of interaction of Geita Gold Mine (GGM) and communities in Geita, Tanzania.

Supervisor: Elisio Macamo



Albert Tibaijuka is a Ph.D. candidate at the Centre for African Studies, Basel University, Switzerland, doing an interdisciplinary project in Communication studies and Sociology. He completed his BA in Mass Communication at St. Augustine University of Tanzania, Mwanza and his MA in Media studies at Southampton Solent University in United Kingdom. His MA thesis analyzed the reputation of Dow Chemical Company in reference to the communities in Bhopal- India and the tragic industrial accident occurred almost three decades ago. Currently, Tibaijuka is a lecturer at St. Augustine University of Tanzania, serving the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communications

Memberships: Centre for African Studies