Dr. Rony Emmenegger
Assistent / PostDoc

Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät

Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften

Fachbereich Nachhaltigkeitsforschung

Assistent / PostDoc

Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften
Petersgraben 52
4051 Basel

Tel. +41 61 207 61 43

Imoberdorf, I. und Emmenegger, R. (2019) «Diverging Worlds of Biodiversity and Biosecurity: The Presence of Wolves in a Swiss Alpine Territory», in Tschoffen, B. und Fenske, M. (Hrsg.). forthcoming: Routledge (The Return of the Wild: Human Encounters with Wolves in Europe), S. 1-30.   
Emmenegger, R., Rowan, R., Zuppinger-Dingley, D., Krug, C., Parreño, A. und Korf, B. (2017) «Ontology and Integrative Research on Global Environmental Change: Towards a Critical GEC Science», Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. Elsevier, 29, S. 131-137.   edoc
Emmenegger, R. (2016) «Urban Planning in Practice: The Contemporary Dynamics of Land Formalization in the City of Jigjiga», in Ficquet, Éloi, Omer, A. H., und Osmond, T. (Hrsg.). Los Angeles, CA: Tsehai Publishers & Distributors (Movements in Ethiopia, Ethiopia in movement : proceedings of the 18th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies).   edoc