Images of Movements: Video-activist Visions of Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro

“Anywhere, where something is happening in the world, there is a cellphone. Almost everywhere, there is 3G”, said an activist film-maker in our interview in Cape Town. Certainly, citizens’ news production has been redesigning mobilisation and viewers’ perception of protests worldwide. Consequently, an exploding number of online videos shows protesting masses roaming the streets, burning barricades and police forces clashing with civilians.

My dissertation “Images of Movements – Video-activist Visions of Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro” researches the rising phenomenon of video-activism in two metropoles in the “Global South”. Video-activism signifies the appropriation of video production and distribution by activists and citizens to foster political emancipation and blame abuses of power. My research analyses practices of video-activism employed in protest waves such as service delivery protests, #RhodesMustFall, community activism in favelas and the Jornadas de Junho.

Debates about the role of “online repertoires” in contemporary social movements on the one side urge further empirical investigation to grasp the effects of the technological innovations on “glocal” street politics. On the other side, these debates demand conceptualisation of the relations between urban spaces, media landscapes and protest cultures. Based on ethnographic data, the goal is to present a thick description of video-activism. Conceptually, my investigation appropriates Henri Lefebvre’s “Right to the City” and ideas of “autogestion” to develop the notion of “utopian practice”. Thus the work substantiates current debates about the “everywhere” of viral videos of protests. Sketching the effects of transforming visibility regimes in non-institutional politics, my research offers an interdisciplinary and innovative approach to the rising subject of video-activism in two major cities from the “Global South”.

Supervisor:Sophie Oldfield (University of Cape Town)

Co-Supervisor:Christian Schmid (ETH Zürich)

External Experts: Breno Bringel (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)


The research of this PhD-project combines various strands of work and research ranging from urban studies and digital media studies to social movement studies. It is hereby charactersitic for my research approach to walk on the edges of social science research, art and activism to guarantee the concrete relevance of research results.

After having worked as a teacher in Ghana for one year, I started studying Sociology and Political Sciences at the University of Konstanz. Working for Prof. Andreas Reckwitz I first developed my understanding of cultural sociology and social theory. With the M.A. in African Studies at the University of Basel, I began to focusing my interests on Africa and the „Global South“. During a three month field research in Mali in 2012, I trained and applied the aquired skills of qualitative research methodologies. This study abroad resulted in the founding of the art collective KaYelema in Bamako – whose work was violently interrupted  by the Military Coup d’Etat in March 2012 – and my Master-Thesis about the Transformation of Urban Spaces in Bamako. In a photographic exhibition in Vienna (2013) I presented some of the materials produced prior and during the massive political transformations in Mali to translate the debate to a more public audience. As active founding member of the African Cinema Basel project, which regularly staged screenings of African film productions between 2011 and 2013, I have complemented to gather a rich set of perspectives on working with audio-visual materials, which fed immediately into my PhD research.

My research project „Images of Movements: Video-activist visions of Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro“, started in late 2014. In overall seven visits to Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro, I have constructed a solid network into the local scenes of video-activism and produced a rich set of empirical data. With the grant of the Graduate School of Social Sciences (2015) and a position as assistant of Eliísio Macamo (since 2016), I am currently working on the analysis and the writing-up of my research results.   


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Teaching experience:

„African Digital Revolution or Digital Revolution in Africa“, University of Basel, Spring 2018.

„Writing Workshop“, University of Basel, Fall 2017.

„Urban Africa – Urban Africans. New encounters of the rural and the urban“, University of Basel, Spring 2017.

 „Writing Workshop“, University of Basel, Fall 2016.

„The Right to the City in the Global South“, University of Basel, Spring 2016.

Teaching current semester: “African Digital Revolution or Digital Revolution in Africa?”

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