Globally Mobile Intellectual Capital : Changing Career and Family Biographies

Investigating Transnational Corporate Executives and their families with a view to focusing on the Pharmaceutical companies located in Basel. The Pharmaceutical Industry in Basel has historically evolved through focus on the development of natural sciences and related technologies.  Two of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical companies, Novartis & Roche, are based in Basel and between them they employ a significant number of ‘expatriates’ from all over the world.  The concentration of pharmaceutical research and production in Basel is unique and the influx of highly skilled professionals and their families has changed the local landscape over the past few decades. I am interested in looking at some of the factors that contribute towards a ‘successful’ deployment to Basel and what some of the many challenges are from the employees, families, companies, government and local community’s perspective. Each of the stakeholders are required to contribute towards the overall success of the employment tenure in Basel. Professional Migrants: What are the networks required to support Global Mobility in Basel?

Supervisor:Jacques Picard
Co-Supervisor:Walter Leimgruber


Shabih Zaidi is a PhD student at the Department of Cultural Studies and European Ethnology at the University of Basel.  After completing her Masters in Anthropology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she taught Global Awareness to undergraduates at Zayed University in Dubai.


Shabih Zaidi
Seminar für Kulturwissenschaft und Europäische Ethnologie
Rheinsprung 9/11
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