Postcolonial Logistic, ENI’s Disegno Africano

The PhD investigates the territorial, urban and cultural consequences of ENI‘s (Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi) infrastructural, architectural and propagandistic operations in early postcolonial Africa with a specific focus on Tanzania. This research is part of the project “Territorial Design: How Infrastructure Shaped Territory in Africa” funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Supervisor:Kenny Cupers
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Tom Avermaete (ETH Zurich) 


Giulia Scotto is a Ph.D candidate and research assistant at the Urban Studies department at the University of Basel. Giulia holds a master’s degree in architectural design from the IUAV University of Venice and from the ETSAB of Barcelona. Prior to joining the University of Basel, Giulia worked as an architect and urban planner for ‘OMA Office for Metropolitan Architecture’ and for ‘KCAParchitects&planners’. She has also worked as research assistant at the ‘UTT Chair of architecture and Urban design’ at the ETH Zurich.


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Portrait Giulia Scotto G3S 2018

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