04 Okt 2018
09:00 - 12:00

Language Center and Graduate School of Social Sciences (G3S)
Totentanz 17, 4051 Basel


Writing for Publication Programme - Starter

The writing for publication programme is offered in collaboration with the Graduate School of Social Sciences (G3S). It consists of three modules that build on each other: Starter, Writers and Submitters.

  1. Starters prepares participants to commence writing an article
  2. Writers guides and support them in the writing process
  3. Submitters assists them in polishing a manuscript for admission.

It is possible to register for one or more modules at a time. However, it is only possible to actually participate in the Writers or Submitters modules after you have first completed the preceding module(s).


In this kick-off module, participants familiarize themselves with the language of writing for publication in the Social Sciences and Humanities so that they can autonomously start drafting a manuscript or revise an existing draft. The module has two parts:

  • In the self-study part, participants acquaint themselves with a ten-unit manual they receive from the lecturer.
  • In the face-to-face workshop, the lecturer addresses questions that participants have arising from the manual and otherwise. In addition, the lecturer and participants set up the writing process for the Writers module.

Target Group

G3S doctoral candidates & postdocs and other doctoral candidates & postdocs in Social Sciences and Humanities – on request.


Requirements for acquisition of credit points:

In order to receive the credit point, candidates will

  • autonomously study the writing manual
  • actively participate in the workshop.

You can get a total of 1 credit point.

Certificate of attendance

In order to receive a certificate of attendance (available on request) for this module, you are not allowed to be absent at all.

Placement test

To gain entry to the module, participants must submit a work-in-progress abstract/summary on at least level B2/C1.

Registration deadline 16.09.2018



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