17Dec 2019
12:00 - 13:00

University of Basel, Rheinsprung 9,Room 207

Dr. Silvana Târlea

Vortragsreihe / Ringvorlesung

Noon-Talks: Education and the appeal of trade protectionism for voters and governments

Presented by Dr. Silvana Târlea (Political Science - European Global Studies) Discussant: Jamie Pring (Political Science / Swiss Peace)

“Noon-Talks” is an opportunity for PhD candidates and Post-docs of the Department of Social Sciences to get to know each other, present their ongoing work, receive feed-back and engage in discussions with scholars of the various disciplines of our department. Our goal is to foster exchange between scholars and get to know each other’s work. We wish to encourage presenters to address methodological challenges, theoretical issues and conceptual questions they are currently working on. Each presentation will be followed by prepared comments from a discussant and an open Q&A session.

We cordially invite all members, faculty and students of the department to join us.

Program: 20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes comments by a discussant, 20-30 minutes open Q&A/discussion

Organisation and Contact: Julia Büchele, Coordinator G3S; Cédric Duchêne-Lacroix, Sociology; Metka Hercog, Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology; Katrin Sontag, Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology

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