12 Nov 2019
10:00  - 17:00

University of Basel, Kollegienhaus, Room: 212

Francis Seeck


Classism: Why does it matter?

This workshops invites PhD candidates of the University, especially those who are engaged in teaching and/or supervising students to explore different forms of discrimination among employees and towards/among students. The workshop is recognized as part of the accumulative certificate “Hochschuldidaktik” at the University of Basel.

The intersectional approach of the workshop includes class, race, gender and other forms of discrimination, with a special focus on classism. Classism means structural oppression and discrimination based on class background and one’s position in the society. Disadvantages imposed on students from working class or poverty class families or hostility toward homeless and unemployed persons are examples of classism. 

In this workshop we will explore the dynamics of class, classism and class privilege in our society and in educational institutions. We will look at different concepts of class and classism and get a better understanding of our own class backgrounds and educational biography. We will illuminate the intersection between class, race, gender and other issues of diversity and explore the role of classism in escalating inequality. How can we deal with class differences and classism in educational settings? 

The workshop explores these areas through lecture, individual reflection, small group discussion and an examination of case study scenarios. This workshop is best suited for those who have a desire to learn more about social justice in educational institutions. 

Francis Seeck is an anti-discrimination trainer, writer and a PhD candidate at Humboldt University Berlin. Francis is active in the Institute for Classism Research (Institut für Klassismusforschung), a network of academics from a working or poverty class background. Their research interests include: Queer Anthropology, Trans Studies and Precarity.

This workshop is organized in collaboration with the Center of Gender Studies’s project Doing Diversity. Further information can be found on the Website of Gender Studies.

The workshop is recognized as part of the accumulative certificate “Hochschuldidaktik” at the University of Basel.

If you are interested to attend, please write to Julia Büchele (j.buechele@unibas.ch)

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