25 Sep 2018
12:00 - 16:00

Dr. des Julia Büchele
Graduate School of Social Sciences, Petersgraben 52, 4051 Basel

Kolloquium / Seminar

Applied Qualitative Data Analysis

Kick-off session of the colloquium applied qualitative data Analysis

A large body of literature explores and describes different research methods and qualitative data
analyses tools. But the challenge often remains as to how to apply a chosen method to one’s own data. How do we get from choosing the suitable analysis tool to actually organize, disassemble, re-assemble, code, and interpret our data? This colloquium will provide the space to present excerpts of data (field notes, recorded or transcribed interviews, film material, archive material etc.) and generate in-depth discussions with fellow PhD candidates about your own research data. The idea is to create a space, where we can discuss our data analyses and jointly develop them further.
In each session, 3-4 people will bring data they wish to discuss and analyze together. You may present problems and dead-ends to find possible solutions in the group. Either you come with a clear idea about what kind of method you wish to apply for the data presented or we can engage in open-ended discussions about possible kind(s) of method(s) you could use. You can bring analyzed excerpts of your data to discuss the codes with the group, or we can look at an excerpt of your data that you have not yet analyzed. It should be a space to be used corresponding to your needs.

For the kick-off session we will prepare 2 or 3 texts which discuss different methods of analysis by
either discussing them generally or in the context of concrete PhD projects. We are happy to take
suggestions from you!

Data can be discussed in either German or English. The general language will be English but we may
organize an all-German session if there is a group of people with data in German only.

Sandwiches will be provided by the G3S.

Please sign up by sending an email to Melina Rutishauser (melina.rutishauser@unibas.ch) or
Julia Büchele (j.buechele@unibas.ch).

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