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G3S co-teaching: call for proposals

Once again the G3S offers the possibility for teaching. The idea is that two doctoral candidates from different disciplines design and teach one course together. We are now calling for proposals for courses to be taught in spring semester 2020.

The following rules apply:
• A course must be co-taught by at least two PhD-candidates.
• The lecturers must have different disciplinary backgrounds.
• Block-courses are not eligible, only regular teaching assignments.
• G3S may finance no more than one course per semester.
• Courses are taught on the BA-level (Übung)
• Only those courses are financed, for which no financial resources exist in any of the
participating disciplines.
• Lecturers can either acquire credit points or share one honorarium (Lehrauftrag)
→ The honorarium is equally divided between the lecturers.

• Proposals be submitted to the directorate of G3S via the coordinator (j.buechele@unibas.ch)
including short description of the course.
• Submission deadline for proposals is the beginning of each term (i.e. “Vorlesungszeit”) for
courses in the following term (e.g. fall term → spring term). Proposals are being discussed
and decided upon at the first meeting of the G3S-directorate in each semester.
Please send in your proposals for the spring semester 2020 by September 6th 2019